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EMTA Enterprises is an approved vendor for most makes and models of AEDs. We provide Complimentary AED Inspections for NEW and EXISTING Clients. An AED inspection consists of:

  • - Testing the AED to ensure that it is working optimally
  • - Checking Battery / Pads / Etc to ensure that they are IN-DATE, properly installed, and READY TO GO!
  • - Checking for optimal placement and access for the AED
We report to you with a CHECK SHEET to make sure your AED is functioning properly. If you need Parts or further Service, we can provide an ON-SITE price quote for anything needed to rectify the situation.

If you would like a FREE AED Inspection, please contact us today at 1-877-235-3682 (Toll-Free) OR EMAIL us at SALES@EMTA.NET